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Book no.1

Unmasking Shame
Compassion and connection at every stage of life

Shame has a bad reputation. We have all experienced how feelings of shame have limited and silenced us. No wonder most of us are ready to do a lot to get rid of the discomfort. Therefore, the message of this book may seem surprising, as it suggests that with another approach; feelings of shame can be transformed into care and compassion. The author claims that the better we understand the development of humans, the more compassion or care we will experience. Instead of shaming and blaming we can relate in a more helpful way.

“Unmasking Shame” explores how to unmask the cultural taboo of shame. It provides a map of our development and is based on developmental theories as well as Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The man behind NVC, Marshall Rosenberg, often said, “never do anything to avoid shame”. This book is marinated in that suggestion. A book that shows how the complex feelings of shame affect us as children, teenagers and adults.


Original title: Ut ur skamvrån vägen till medkänsla från barn till vuxen
Published in English & Swedish

Book no.1

A Helping Hand

How to mediate with the help of Nonviolent Communication

Published in eight languages so far, this book is a valuable support for people all over the world in handling conflicts. You will get all the basic tools that are needed in a mediation situation, as well as inspiration, clarification and real life examples. Structure on how to set up a shuttle mediation for groups that doesn't want to be in the same room as well as ideas on how to prepare the parties before a mediation and how to change the setting in a way that is supportive.

Addresses everything from mediation between children to mediation in a organisational setting.


Original title: Skapa möten och kontakt genom medling
Published in English, SwedishPolishGermanFinnish

Korean, Dari, DutchItalian.


Human Connection at Work

How to use the principles of Nonviolent Communication in a professional setting.


Nowadays people expect to be treated well when they go to the dentist, the supermarket or when they are connecting with IT-support. If they are not, they might turn to someone else the next time they need that service or product. Being professional and staying human might be the biggest competitive advantage of our time. It is said that the cost of attracting a new customer is six times the cost of keeping an old one. This book clarifies how you can be professional and human at the same time. Actually, the author claims that it is only when you are truly human that you can be professional. This book gives you communication tools for many different kinds of situations and ideas on how to deal with ”difficult people” or challenging dilemmas. There are plenty of useful ideas that can be implemented directly into any workplace or organizational setting.


Original title: Bemötandeproffs

Published in English, Swedish, Turkish.


Anger, Guilt and Shame - Reclaiming Power and Choice

This book helps you to make shame, guilt and anger your allies instead of your enemies. What could be possible if you no longer needed to shrink yourself to avoid shame or guilt? Embracing shame gives you access to sensitivity and empathy and you no longer need to waste energy on avoiding the shame. What if you could use your anger as a signal that there is something you need, instead of judging others and therefore save your relationships? Regaining Power and Choice is a possibility that is closer than you might think. A Bestselling book that changes peoples life.

Original title: Ilska skuld och skam

Published in English, Swedish, German, Polish, Italian and Chinese, Turkish.


Cracking the
Communication Code

Nonviolent Communciation by 42 Key differentiations.

Communication is so much more than a word. Being clear on certain principles and key distinctions will help you 

connect even when it is challenging. This book clarifies how valuable it can be to be able to, for example,

differentiate between observations and judgments, between listening with focus on the process rather than on the content, and 40 other aspects regarding 


Stories, definitions and cartoons will inspire you to go deeper into your exploration of what really matters in human communication. An inspiring book that lifts the mysteries of communication to another level.

Co-authored with Katarina Hoffmann.

Original title: 42 Nyckelskillnader

Published in English, Swedish, German.


The Power of Gratitude

Using NVC to access happiness and appreciation

Focusing on what you are grateful for is a powerful practice that significantly increases your experience of joy in life. Rather than just telling yourself to ”be grateful”, this book is your personal coach in strengthening your gratitude muscles. You will find suggestions for exploring gratitude in different ways every week for a year. By the end of a year you will have created a new habit that you will never want to let go of. This book puts Nonviolent Communication (NVC) into practise and brings research on happiness and gratitude to another level. 

Fill your their energy tanks and actively influence your happiness levels through building a gratitude practice. 

Ready to launch into the adventure? Here is the support you have been waiting for!

Original title: Tack! Uppskattning, tacksamhet och lycka som livsstil.
Published in English, Swedish, Polish, German, Italian

relationships_cover rgb.jpg


Freedom without Distance, Connection without Control


The most important of all the questions in this book might be how you want your relationships to be. If your answer to that question is clear, it will be easier to know how to act and what to request of the other person in your relationship. All the tools in the world become redundant if you do not know what you want to use them for. A positive attitude will make it easier to withstand challenges, but will not take you to your goal. 

Here you will get help In evaluating, repairing, and nurturing the relationships that you want to see flower. A very practical book where you inspect different areas of a relationship and find tools to strengthen the areas you can do something about. Put Nonviolent Communication into practise in your most important relationships and see them flower. Relationships can be fun. Working on our relationships makes us happy, especially when it bears fruit.

Original title: Relationsbesiktning, frihet utan distans, kontakt utan kontroll

Published in English, Swedish, PolishPortuguese.


Walk your Talk

This book is written for those of you who want to lead groups and want to stay true to your inner life at the same time. You will get a set of tools that can help you walk your talk at the same time as you share your understanding of Nonviolent Communication (as well as other subjects).


Among others receive:

  • Concrete suggestions on how to introduce NVC to groups.

  • Concrete ways to share different parts of NVC.

  • Structure on how you can create role-playing games that contribute to learning, connection and meaning.

  • Tools for understanding how you can manage your own leadership.

  • Tools for understanding how you can support the development of groups.

  • Ideas on how you can manage stressful situations and how you can connect to participants that you experience as challenging.

  • Practical exercises to transform performance anxiety and inner demands into personal resources.


Original title: Led som du lär, kursledarskap med Nonviolent Communication.

Published in SwedishEnglish, Korean and German


Needbased Eating

Needbased eating is not only about what you eat or about losing weight. It is about finding a balance in your approach to food, eating and to your body. Needbased eating is about finding a balance between body and mind and the day-to-day health that serves life. It shows you how you can find enough freedom of choice for your mind and at the same time keep your body healthy.

A simple book, with simple but efficiant ideas that will simplify you eating.

Original title: Friheten på botten av chipspåsen

Published in English, Swedish

The Story about the Dragon who Lost his Fire

The Dragon Tekshek has lost his fire and is trying to find support. His family and friends don’t understand what he really needs. He keeps looking and he receives help in a much unpredictable way. A fairy tale for children, as well as for adults.

Readers have described this book as “heartwarming, deep and simply hopeful.” It can also be used with a group of children to talk about communication, the value of listening, and empathy. 

Co- authored with Neo Rung. Illustrated by Maria Tison
The rights for this book translated into English, French, German, Norwegian, Polish and Danish can be bought.

Original title: Sagan om draken som inte kunde spruta eld
Published languages: Swedish, English Norsk, Italiano,

French, Polish, German, Chinese, Danish and Finnish.


The Small Book about Feelings 

If you have been looking for a playful and meaningful way to communicate with your children about emotions, cooperation, communication and how everyone can get their needs met, you have found your tool. This book gives excellent support to strengthen children’s social and emotional skills. It is intended to be read, but also to be written and drawn in. This is surely a way to keep communication about what is most important to us alive.

The book has been translated – not published – into English, Spanish and French and the rights are available. 


Original title: Lilla Känsloboken
Published languages: Swedish and Estonian

kort och manskligamoten2.jpg

Human Connection Tool

Many of us are struggling with finding words to describe what is happening inside on us. With this simple tool it will become much easier to express yourself and also to understand others. An efficient way to bring your internal life to the outside. 

The tool contain three sets of cards and a booklet on how to use them:

1. Feeling words 

2. Need words 

3. Choices


The booklet gives ideas on how to use the cards alone or together with others. You will find games, exercises and support on how the cards can be useful in real life mediation or conflicts.

Original title: Mänskliga möten

Published in Swedish and Finnish.


First-aid kit to survive an affair

Talking about infidelity is challenging as it stimulates fear, nervousness and worry. However, if in your relationship infidelity cannot be discussed, how can you trust that the relationship can last if such a thing occurs?

This book inspires the reader to communicate about 

things that can be challenging in our closest relationships,

while showing at the same time that we can not talk ourselves out of problems we have created with our own actions. Trust is built on intention and integrity, 

but also on how we choose to act.

Apart from the more general sections on infidelity, the 

book has a section part especially for people who have 

been unfaithful, and one section for the person who has been betrayed. A great support for a situation that can be really challenging for many of us.

Original title: I Nöd och i Lust, första hjälpen vid otrohet

Published in Swedish


The Bright Side of Shame 

Transforming and Growing Through Practical Applications in Cultural Contexts

Provides new ideas on how to work with and constructively transform shame on a practical level, and in various socio-cultural contexts 


Addresses shame on the basis of positive psychology and growth perspectives   


Offers practical approaches to transforming shame from a negatively experienced emotion into a mental health resource

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